How We Do It

We can offer the best prices on dental alginates because we've taken the unusual step of selling directly to the dental office.

Typically, an alginate manufacturer makes and packages the alginate, then ships pallets of the finished product to one or more dental supply companies for them to resell to their customers. This is much easier for the manufacturer because they don't have to deal with individual orders, customer questions and complaints and all the niggling details of shipping out small orders and collecting.

This is why dental supply companies were invented. They are very good at dealing with customers, warehousing and shipping product and handling questions and returns. They usually don't actually MAKE anything- they just sell it. What they DO do is purchase a product for $10 and sell it for $20. This pays for their overhead and salaries.

Dental supply companies are very good at what they do. They make the ordering process simple for the dental office. They have Reps that come out and visit from time to time. They are great at answering questions you have about new products.

But, and here's the crux of it, "Do you really need a dental supply company for your dental alginate?" How many questions are you likely to have about alginate? Do you really need their support for your alginate? We didn't think so- so Accu-Cast Dental was born.

You see, we're the manufacturer of these products. We've been making high quality dental alginates in the US since 1969. We make it, package it, and sell it to you at about the same price Jeltrate sells their alginate to Schein. Its not complicated. Who wins? You do.