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You can contact us by calling 1-855-773-0460 (toll-free from the US and Canada), or you can call us at 1-541-388-1795. Our email address is [email protected]

Our History

My father-in-law, John P. Frush, was a dentist and an inventor. He specialized in Prosthodontics- the care and treatment of people who have lost all their teeth and the fabrication of dentures.

He had several revolutionary ideas. One was setting up the artificial teeth in a denture to reflect the sex, personality and age of the patient so the denture looked like natural, healthy, age appropriate teeth. His concepte, called Dynesthetics, was way ahead of its time. He even had to work with artificial tooth companies to develop more natural looking teeth to impliment his ideas. Dr. Frush taught Dynesthetics for many years both in the US and abroad, to audiences numbering in the hundreds.

His other great idea was developing an impression technique for edentulous patients. Traditional impression techniques used for patients with teeth did not work well for edentulous patients. His Accu-Dent system used two alginates- one heavy bodied and one light bodied- together with specially designed impression trays to take a "final impression" in a single 15 minute appointment. To this day, dentists routinely take two appointments and up to 90 minutes to fabricate a suitable final impression for an edenutlous patient.

The Accu-Dent company was sold to Ivoclar/Vivadent in 2000. They purchased our alginate formulas, impression tray molds, patents and customer lists. When we started Accu-Cast Dental in 2003, we were literally a brand new, 34 year old company. One thing we did have was a solid knowledge of how to make good alginate.

Competing head to head with Jeltrate and the others on their playing field seemed like an impossible task and the internet was beginning to be a viable sales platform- so we decided to offer our alginates directly to the dental office without going through a middleman. With no name recognition and no dedicated sales force and with dental supply companies actively working against us our early days were slow-going. What we found was that our customer retention has been much higher than industry standards. Every time we make a new customer, we are pretty sure that they will become regular customers.

All we need to do is keep our quality high, our service top-nothch and our prices low. We can do that.