1-pound Refill Bag: SNAP2 Alginate

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1.20 LBS

Product Overview

SNAP2 Dental alginate is a fast-set everyday alginate designed to save you money while producing excellent quality impressions.

SNAP2 wets quickly and mixes smoothly. White color and spearmint flavor. Canister includes a scoop and a water vial.

This 1 pound Reifll Bag is enough for approx. 33 "2-scoop" impressions or 22 "3 scoop" impressions.

Don't need yet another alginate canister? Just refill the one you have.

Recommended Water Temp 70°F / 21°C
Working Time: ~1:30

Setting Time:

Removal from mouth ~2:15


Available in 1 pound canisters, and 1 pound, 2.5 pound, 5 pound and 10 pound refill bags.

Like all Accu-Cast Dental alginates, SNAP2 is manufactured in the US and sold directly to the dental office at wholesale prices.