AccuCast Dental Alginates


Dental alginates for as low as $7.40/pound. The more you buy, the more you save. 

Accu-Cast Dental has been selling high quality, US Made, dental alginates directly to our dental office customers for 45 years*.

Since there is no middleman, your office can save a lot.

One Pound Canister of Phase2Gel Dental Alginate

One Pound Canister of SNAP2 Dental Alginate One Pound Canister of SNAP3 Dental Alginate





Accu-Cast Dental offers 3 dental alginate formulas to meet every need:


Accu-Cast Dental Alginates are also available in refill bags

Accu-Cast Dental Alginates are also available

in very economical 1#, 5# and 10# Refill Bags.

(Canisters are surprisingly expensive)


*The folks at Accu-Cast dental owned and operated Accu-Dent from 1969 to 2000 when it was sold to Ivoclar/Vivadent. We've been operating as Accu-Cast Dental since 2003. History

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